What is Quantified Self?

Quantified Self (QS) is a concept originally coined in 2007 by Gary Wolf & Kevin Kelly both editors at WIRED magazine. Since then the founders have managed to define an entire collection of health devices and specifically the mindset around using them to track yourself. The QS organization holds two conferences annually; one in San Francisco and another in Amsterdam. Along with the conferences, there are also about 100 independently organized QS Meetups around the world.

The quantified self movement is best thought of as a support group for self-described data nerds. Most meetups consist of a show-and-tell in which a presenter reveals an independent project, often heavy on substantive, data-rich health information. Past presentations have included:

  • How to measure and predict your happiness levels using various data points, including weather, exercise, diet, etc.
  • How one man discovered his psoriasis flare ups were created by food consumed three days prior.
  • How to measure concentration using brain wave scanners.
  • The measurable benefits monitoring and tracking your breathing can have on alertness, mental stamina, and mood.

The Ideomed team is a proud supporter of both the Grand Rapids, MI and Ann Arbor, MI Quantified Self Meetups. For more information please visit QuantifiedSelf.com where you will find a host of resources, including their information-rich forum. Feed your inner data nerd!

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