The energy is palpable!

There will invariably be pivotal moments in one’s life – that moment which will define your continued time and experience on this earth.  Here at Ideomed, we just had such an event; we moved!

More specifically, we moved into a brand new space built just for us in one of our city’s hottest new (old) buildings. Our new headquarters is located in the heart of downtown within the newly renovated CWD building at 50 Lewis St. NW, the original history of which dates back to the original Masonic Temple in Grand Rapids.

CWD beat us to the punch by taking the original Masonic ballroom on the sixth floor for their new headquarters (thus the name of the building). Kidding aside, we couldn’t be happier for our upstairs neighbors and with our own new space on the fourth floor. The office is open and airy, with full length windows looking directly over our original red brick streets, concert and sports arena, and bustling downtown district. As an added benefit we are already seeing more of our development team visiting from our sister office in Ann Arbor.

When entering our new office you will likely be greeted by the buzz of business development from across our open floor plan. The engagement team might be feverishly brainstorming a new tactic on one of our many whiteboards, overlooking the beautiful cobblestone roads sprinkled through our downtown. Or perhaps you will wonder what the muffled rumble you hear from our multi-purpose conference room is; don’t worry, it’s just an epic game of ping-pong. Yes Ma’am, long gone are the days of needing to walk through the hall and down the steps just to give someone a heartfelt pat on the back. Now the only reason to walk down the stairs and through the hallway is to try one of the many delicious new lunch spots we have to choose from.

I believe I can speak for us all by saying that we have already noticed a significant increase in productivity. Not the incessantly poking keys in a cubicle type of productivity…oh no… we are collaborating,  sharing ideas over lunch and reconnecting in ways we didn’t realize were necessary.

So given this wonderful new transition, what’s next for Ideomed?

Well kind reader, you will just have to wait and see the exact details.

However in the meantime, there are a couple of things we would like to be known:

1) Ideomed 2.0 has happened.

2) WE are ready and confident that our bright eyes, open hearts and revived sense of community will serve us through all of our current and future challenges.

Thank you for all of your continued support, and if you’re in the neighborhood please stop in and say hello.


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