FDA Affirms Innovation Friendliness

I remember it like yesterday.

The year was 2011 and I was having coffee with a prominent med device VC. During our discussion we touched on the future of med tech and how the FDA would affect the industry. His stance was adamant “I have worked with the FDA for years and there is no way they will ever allow mobile health devices to intersect with health care!”. Continue reading

Our CEO Keith Brophy’s reaction to the exciting announcement from Apple regarding HealthKit.

On June 1st, my smart phone was nearly buzzing out of my pocket soon after the conclusion of the opening keynote at Apple’s annual World Wide Developer’s Conference. This year when Apple lifted up the table cloth and gave us all a peek at approaching technology, mobile health care was staring right back at us! Industry watchers have long buzzed about Apple’s impending health strategy. The pivotal milestone now reached is that some elements of this strategy will become real in the upcoming IOS8 release.

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What is the IHI Triple Aim model & how does Abriiz fit?

How has Abriiz implemented the IHI Triple Aim model for continuous improvement?

IHI stands for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Below is a quote taken directly from their website: “IHI is a recognized innovator, convener, and generous leader, a trustworthy partner, and the first place to turn for expertise, help, and encouragement for anyone, anywhere who wants to change health care profoundly for the better.”

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The power of daily goals – What healthcare can learn from the Olympics.

Recently I was invited out to coffee by a very successful doctor. As we sat talking and enjoying our extravagant coffee creations, the conversation moved to his oldest son. I was about to learn that my new friend’s son was in a special training camp for elite athletes. Naturally, I asked about his son’s ambitions for competing in the olympics and the response I got was very unexpected. Continue reading

What Healthcare Can Learn From America’s Pastime, Part 1 of 2 – Field Of Dreams


It has been a long, cold, and snowy winter here in West Michigan and across the country. As I sit writing this post, well into April, the temperature outside my window is struggling to climb above freezing – and yet, hope springs eternal. There are sure signs that winter’s icy grip is loosening, and summer is on the way! The Major League Baseball season is underway! Even if the opening day games were played in Sydney, Australia, where the average temperature this time of year is 74 degrees. Continue reading

Hipaa security and beyond. A video from our AWS security case study.

Ideomed is a featured partner of Amazon Web Services!

You’ll find our story alongside those of airbnb, Adobe, Coursera, GE, Pfizer, the FDA, and many more. We chose AWS’s secure platform to help us reach our goal of being best-in-class for privacy and data protection among innovative digital health management solutions like ours. Continue reading

Biggest trend from HIMSS 2014

Impressions from HIMSS14

More Than Patient Engagement – The Evolution Toward Patient Activation

Among the many trends emphasized during last week’s massive HIMSS 2014 Annual Meeting, “Patient Engagement” as the cause celebration for EVERYONE in the health information technology space. Well played Ms. Sebelius — message received loud & clear. Continue reading

What is Quantified Self?

Quantified Self (QS) is a concept originally coined in 2007 by Gary Wolf & Kevin Kelly both editors at WIRED magazine. Since then the founders have managed to define an entire collection of health devices and specifically the mindset around using them to track yourself. The QS organization holds two conferences annually; one in San Francisco and another in Amsterdam. Along with the conferences, there are also about 100 independently organized QS Meetups around the world. Continue reading