Ideomed expands the Abriiz solution to support diabetes management

GRAND RAPIDS, MI, Tuesday, April 19, 2013 – Ideomed, Inc., an award winning provider of innovative web and mobile based engagement solutions for managing chronic illness, is expanding its Abriiz suite of tools with a platform targeted at improving compliance outcomes for patients with Diabetes.

Ideomed has introduced impactful solutions for patients with Asthma and Congestive Heart Failure. This success and the recognition of significant need for intervention with the diabetes population prompted the organization’s expansion into this arena. According to the CDC, Diabetes affects 25.8 million people in the U.S. at a cost of $174 billion annually. Only 55% of diabetes patients are fully compliant in their treatment.

Abriiz Diabetes uses popular mobile technology to provide meaningful, customized reminders and immediate feedback, enabling the diabetic to take effective, daily control of their management plan. The platform engages the patient on many levels every day. Abriiz

Diabetes helps the diabetic establish effective and healthy habits and inspires healthier choices and activities. The tool also provides prompt notification to family or care team members who can then help provide timely social reinforcement to the patient and improve overall plan adherence.

Dr. Tom Peterson of Peakview Medical Center in Greeley, CO and an Ideomed Advisory Board Member commented, “Chronic diseases (like Diabetes) require daily attention to be managed well. The Abriiz product is an innovative approach to more effectively managing any chronic disease”.

“We are excited to apply the Abriiz® engagement-based approach in empowering patients to
better manage their Diabetes,” said Keith Brophy, Ideomed CEO. “Abriiz is well positioned to
support physician recommendations and compliment the proven and well accepted treatment practices that patients are already using. ”

Abriiz Diabetes is available through select insurance companies, managed Medicaid providers, and health systems. Ideomed is working with various organizations to gain additional feedback as new capabilities are added.

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