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Can mHealth Bridge the Digital Divide?


people-walkingInvestments in health information technology (HIT), particularly Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), have been significant since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010. One provision of the law, known as “Meaningful Use”, requires that providers furnish online access for patients to view, download, and transmit information from their medical record. Many payers and providers have addressed this requirement through the development of enhanced functionality built into their websites, commonly referred to as “patient portals”. These systems may satisfy the Meaningful Use provision in the law, but there is some question whether this approach actually meets the needs for many of those it is intended to serve. Continue reading

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Trick or Treat? Scary Stories for mHealth Innovators

mHealth TerminatorThe Halloween season is upon us. What better time for some scary stories? A recent piece in mHealth News titled “mHealth VS. Big Brother” by Eric Wicklund caught my attention and prompted a flashback to my high school days in the mid-eighties. Continue reading

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best mHealth App For You

abriiz life app

abriiz life web and mobile app.

I came across an article published on the website, titled “Health apps: do they do more harm than good?”.

The story questions why so little conclusive data exists to support the effectiveness of mHealth technology. This is despite an explosion in mHealth development (20,000+ apps in the iTunes App Store), and exponential growth in consumer adoption (500 million users by 2015). Continue reading

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FDA Affirms Innovation Friendliness

I remember it like yesterday.

The year was 2011 and I was having coffee with a prominent med device VC. During our discussion we touched on the future of med tech and how the FDA would affect the industry. His stance was adamant “I have worked with the FDA for years and there is no way they will ever allow mobile health devices to intersect with health care!”. Continue reading

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