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Applying Apple’s Genius to the Health Care Conundrum

Steve_Jobs_Headshot_2010-CROPIn a recent Commonwealth Fund Report, the U.S. health care system ranked dead last for quality, compared to 10 other industrialized nations. This is the fourth consecutive time that the U.S. has landed at the bottom of this list since 2004. The report uses 2011 data, collected before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Americans can be cautiously optimistic of some performance improvement in the future. Continue reading

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Mourning The Loss of Dr. John MacKeigan

Today we are mourning the loss of Dr. John MacKeigan, who passed this Sunday. Dr. MacKeigan was one of the original Ideomed board members and a great advocate and adviser for us. He also served as the Chief Medical Officer at Spectrum Health before his retirement in 2013. Anyone who was fortunate enough to have known him will remember him as dedicated, smart, funny and extremely kind. He will be greatly missed by the Ideomed family. Read More.

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The power of daily goals – What healthcare can learn from the Olympics.

Recently I was invited out to coffee by a very successful doctor. As we sat talking and enjoying our extravagant coffee creations, the conversation moved to his oldest son. I was about to learn that my new friend’s son was in a special training camp for elite athletes. Naturally, I asked about his son’s ambitions for competing in the olympics and the response I got was very unexpected. Continue reading

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