Abriiz is now using AWS for Hipaa compliance

We’re moving Abriiz to Amazon Web Services! Our goal is to be an industry leader in protecting patient privacy. AWS’s platform is designed and managed to help us comply with federal privacy protection laws like HIPAA.

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Ideomed moves its flagship solution, Abriiz, to the AWS cloud.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI –Ideomed, Inc. announced today that its flagship solution Abriiz is migrating to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

“Our first release of Abriiz targeted children with asthma,” said Ideomed CEO Keith Brophy. “While we had high hopes for the positive impact Abriiz could have, our initial results even exceeded our own expectations. For example, in one clinical trial, participant emergency room visits dropped from 12 in the 6 months before using Abriiz to zero visits while using the tool. Additional trials had similar results, which encouraged us to expand to other chronic illnesses. In addition to Asthma, we are now supporting patients ranging in age from 7 to 77 with Heart Disease and Diabetes, and more conditions in development. With over 150,000 medication reminders delivered and climbing every day, we feel confident that Abriiz is improving people’s lives.”

“Moving Abriiz to AWS allows Ideomed to better achieve our core goal of improving people’s lives with the assurance that their privacy and security are completely protected,” added Lisa Schutte, Ideomed’s Vice President of Technology. “AWS provides a cutting edge platform and tools that will allow us to scale as the company continues to grow, and also supports our desire to be fully HIPAA and HITECH compliant. After all, we’re the stewards of our patients’ most personal information, we have an obligation to keep it safe and AWS is key to that commitment.”

“The AWS cloud enables companies of all sizes to focus on the differentiating factors of their business as opposed to the infrastructure required to run it,” said Brian Matsubara, Head of Global Technology Alliances, AWS. “With AWS, Ideomed gains a secure HIPPA-compliant cloud solution that helps to improve people’s lives.”

Ideomed adopted AWS with the help of AWS Consulting Partner Cloudticity, a leading architect and developer of AWS-hosted HIPAA-compliant solutions.

“After an exhaustive analysis of our deployment options, we found the combination of scalability, security and agility of using tools like SQL Server on AWS the logical choice for Abriiz. We never forgot who we were serving and protecting,” said Gerry Miller, Cloudticity Chief Technologist.

About Abriiz: Abriiz is a web and mobile based solution that helps people manage chronic medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease. Abriiz also supports those who just want to get and stay healthy, by encouraging positive lifestyle choices. Using engagement science and behavioral economics, Abriiz motivates patients to take control of their own health. The highly customizable solution is designed to help anyone – from pregnant mothers and their developing babies, to teens working on weight issues, and those with multiple chronic illnesses. Ideomed’s “Care Team Connected” approach links patients with family members, physicians, and care managers, creating a personalized network of support.

About Ideomed: Ideomed, Inc. is a digital health solutions company headquartered in Grand Rapids, Mich., with offices in Ann Arbor, Mich., and Silicon Valley. Its award-winning solution, Abriiz, is designed to empower individuals to effectively manage their own health and chronic conditions in partnership with their care team. Ideomed markets and sells Abriiz to insurers, managed Medicaid providers, and health systems for delivery to their patient populations. For more information, visit ideomed.com.

About Cloudticity: Launched from startup accelerator Muse Holdings, LLC, Cloudticity leads in providing architecture and development services for building and deploying HIPAA applications onto AWS. With a fanatical attention to customer service, security, reliability, and maintainability, Cloudticity delights customers and protects end users’ most private information every day. For more information visit cloudticity.com, or email info@cloudticity.com.

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