Abriiz celebrates 100,000 successful reminders sent through their web and mobile chronic condition management app.

As any entrepreneur will tell you creating a company is hard work. Just in case you don’t have one (an entrepreneur) handy to ask, take our word for it. This stuff ain’t easy. Which is why we as a company look for opportunities to celebrate when the opportunity presents itself.

Fortunately for us we didn’t have to look very hard this particular day in May. Actually, truth is we had been anticipating the 100,000 reminders mark for a little while. To celebrate the team donned Slerm headbands (with eyes), custom headbands and marched ourselves down to the nearly world famous Calder Plaza in Grand Rapids, MI.

This event was very important to us for a number of reasons. Foremost is the knowledge that our teams application has had a positive impact on our patients population with chronic conditions over 100,000 times. We left the plaza after a hearty session of joking, laughing, posing for goofy pictures and the like, armed with the knowledge that we are changing the world for the better one reminder at a time.

***Update*** As of 4/15/2014 we have logged over 238,000 successful reminders.

If you live in Grand Rapids or Ann Arbor and happen to see a very attractive, obviously brilliant, and shockingly stylish person walking around with a red headband and foam eye balls it’s probably getting time to celebrate our next milestone. Just follow them and you’re bound to find yourself getting silly with Team Ideomed.

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